About Rungstedgaard

Rungstedgaard is a hotel and conference centre, beautifully located in North Zealand approximately a 30 minute drive from Copenhagen. 

At Rungstedgaard, we believe that a good stay consists of a long list of ingredients. Just as with all good food, we adapt the contents of your stay so that they suit you perfectly.

We believe that "the little bit extra" makes a difference, and we take pride in making our guests feel that we understand them and their needs. We also love to surprise them with little things they hadn't thought about themselves. 

At the end of the day, it's all "just" about people – our guests and those of us who work here.


It's always lovely to be at Rungstedgaard. The surroundings are stunning, the people are lovely and provide great service and have everything under control whilst still being flexible.  Sofie Katrine Lorentzen, DTU.